1. M

    HWINFO64 7.70 RTSS Reporting 0FPS instead of Greying out

    Hello, Not sure if this is reported, but since upgrading to version 7.70-5350 the FPS value from RTLSS randomly hits 0 whilst playing a game then returns to showing the value. I tested with version 7.68 and the same issue, then I installed 7.62 and noticed it doesn't hit 0FPS but it does grey...
  2. BlindBison

    If RTSS isn't started before HWiNFO64 then the Framerate/Frametime info doesn't show in the overlay

    To get around this I've had to create a custom startup task for both RTSS and HWiNFO64 so that RTSS always starts before HWiNFO64. It would be nice if this wasn't necessary. For example, if HWiNFO64 periodically checked for RTSS when RTSS FPS/Frame Time values are used in the OSD, something in...
  3. BlindBison

    Can no longer rename Units after latest Update

    HWiNFO UI -> gear icon -> custom tab -> RTSS -> Framerate -> Unit section (top right). In the past/prior updates I could rename this to whatever I wanted (e.g. change FPS to F or / or whatever) -- I would just type it in under the Unit heading and hit Rename. After the latest update this no...
  4. B

    PC Unstable at 1080p Medium Settings - Performance Logs

    Hi all, Recently got this 2nd hand PC that was used as a daily driver by a well-known friend of mine, who knows his stuff and then some, so upkeep was optimal. Only change I did was toss a 1070ti in for the 980. However, it has crashed multiple times playing Smite 64bit (might be known issue)...
  5. Cask

    FPS Row Disappeared After Update

    I have tried rolling back to no avail. Anyone know of a fix? Edit: Tried 32 and 64bit. Also tried resetting order.
  6. A

    Please advise on where to start problem solving based on HWINFO log

    Hi all! I'm trying to help my kid debug an issue he has with his laptop where in games we play together his frame-rate sometimes drops to unplayably low. We know there is something odd because I have the almost identical model laptop and I never have the same issue (despite having a lot more...