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    NUC12 Extreme MB sensor issues

    I'm relative new to using HWiNFO. I was trying to use it on my NUC12 Extreme (NUC12DCMi9) to help diagnose some issue in game the get my system hot. I found that I'm missing the PCH temperature sensor being listed in HWiNFO64. When I then tried out CPUID HWMonitor, I do see the PCH listed...
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    Z390 gaming plus missing PCH and some other sensors

    Hi, I'm missing some sensor data from PCH, its empty when using sensors. I have PCH readings enabled. Also, Im having no MOSFET sensors, VRM sensors, and only able to monitor Vcore out of all possible CPU voltage measurements (VCCSA VTT are reported, however I think I should have more sensors...