Z390 gaming plus missing PCH and some other sensors


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Hi, I'm missing some sensor data from PCH, its empty when using sensors. I have PCH readings enabled.
Also, Im having no MOSFET sensors, VRM sensors, and only able to monitor Vcore out of all possible CPU voltage measurements (VCCSA VTT are reported, however I think I should have more sensors related to cpu voltage). I've included the debug and report down below.

Also, unrelated to my MOBO, can create seperate topic for this if requested:
GPU CORE (NVVDD) Output power (first one from top) is heavily fluctuation under load, sometimes up to 130W, which is the same as the total board power. Which is odd, since these readings are probably wrong right? Below this sensor, the exact sensor is copied below it, which have more believable readings, around 80W max.
Anyone by chance has figured out what the misc1 and misc2 sensors are?
Misc 1: no voltage sensor, input power: 40W
Misc 2: Input voltage 12V, 4-8W input power (These are not the fans, at 0 RPM still 5W input power, unless sensors do not report at low rpm (closed case pc can investigate later))

GPU: 1660 super gaming OC 6GB Gigabyte
MOBO: MPG Z390 gaming plus
Attached: Screenshots of sensors, debug, report and log
The missing PCH thermal sensor is most likely do to a recent BIOS update. Intel did something to the silicon initialization code in recent versions that disables access to the PCH thermal monitoring registers.

The GPU power sensors are provided by NVIDIA drivers and should be accurate. Unfortunately they don't provide more details about the Misc sensors. See here for some more information regarding these sensors: https://www.hwinfo.com/forum/threads/new-beta-version-v6-27-4185-lots-of-extra-gpu-stuff.6460/
Applications cannot override those BIOS settings and we're still not sure what/why exactly Intel changed to prevent this.
You need to enable the Bus Clock based option to properly report the current clock.