NUC12 Extreme MB sensor issues


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I'm relative new to using HWiNFO. I was trying to use it on my NUC12 Extreme (NUC12DCMi9) to help diagnose some issue in game the get my system hot.
I found that I'm missing the PCH temperature sensor being listed in HWiNFO64. When I then tried out CPUID HWMonitor, I do see the PCH listed.
Comparing the MB sensors listed for each of the two monitoring SW, I'm finding the following "issues":
- CPUID HWMonitor is missing two "Baseboard Ambient" sensors
- HWiNFO64 is missing tree temperature sensors: "TZ00", "PCU", and "PCH", assuming that the categories are otherwise correctly aligned between the two monitor SW.
- Both monitors are listing the +"5V VSB" at about 0.5V, so some scaling issue?

I screenshot the two SW side by side, highlighting what I described above:
Monitoring - 01 - annotated.png

I'm hoping that you would be able to add the PCH sensor data to HWiNFO, and possibly correct the +5V VSB readout.

Thank you for providing this otherwise great SW.
I only had sensor open previously, so I was not seeing option to generate report. Went back started without "sensors only" to generate report.


Monitoring of PCH temperature will be added in next build of HWiNFO.
The second "+5V VSB" value seems to be a bug in the BIOS with either wrong scaling or completely wrong. I will notify the Intel NUC team to check and fix this.