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    PCI/PCIe Bus error tracking

    Hello, I would like to ask you if there is a possibility of having someone look at my log. This is because I've been experiencing intermittent PCIe Bus Errors, and unfortunately, I haven't been successful in identifying the source of the issue myself. The log file is relatively small...
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    Ryzen 5 5600G PCIe 4.0

    According to AMD all 5000G series APUs have PCIe 3.0 lanes shared from CPU. But HWinfo reports as PCIe 4.0. Even in BIOS I can switch to Gen 4, Gen 3 and so on. AIDA64 reports as 3.0 as well GPUz. I'm really a bit confused since I'm going to plug in a discrete GPU sometime whether it would...
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    PCIe status is not shown right in system summary

    Hello, i found a bug. PCIe status is not shown right in system summary. Please look at the picture :