PCI/PCIe Bus error tracking


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I would like to ask you if there is a possibility of having someone look at my log. This is because I've been experiencing intermittent PCIe Bus Errors, and unfortunately, I haven't been successful in identifying the source of the issue myself. The log file is relatively small, approximately 90 MB in size. I'm guessing the PCIe riser can be faulty. I caught only one, but if you need more, I will try to monitor.

Another one with 3 PCIe Bus Errors during short gaming session

Thank you very much
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It's caused by the GPU (RTX 4090), so yes, most likely it's the riser.
Thank you very much for the quick reply. I will swap risers and check again.
@EDIT Forgot to say but I uploaded another .dbg file with 3 of them.
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