rtx 3080

  1. A

    Aorus RTX 3080 Xtreme 8-pin #2 Voltage

    Hey all, while I was checking my temps to see how they currently are at full load, I noticed my GPU 8-Pin #2 would go down to 11.5V. Is this fine? Possibly, using software to check these figures ain't the best tool. I also ran HWInfo and GPU-Z separately to avoid any sensor confusion. Power draw...
  2. rkraft

    HP Omen 30L no fans or pump fans info?

    Hi! I have Omen 30L with i7 10700K and RTX 3080. My CPU have AIO but i cant see the cpu fan or the pump speed? Also i cant see the chassi fans, the only fans i can see is from the RTX 3080. But it only shows 2 of 3 fans. Is it because of HP motherboard or is it a bug? Heres the DGB file. Thanks...
  3. I

    Asus TUF 3080 OC fan speed issue

    Hello, I just wanted to post this here and get your thoughts on what might be happening and if it could be explained by how HWiNFO works or if it might be an issue I need to investigate further. I have an Asus TUF 3080 OC and I prefer to set my own fan curve to keep it a bit cooler. The stock...
  4. D

    HWiNFO64 disables the RGB leds on my RTX 3080 Gaming X trio when its launched.

    Posted this one reddit but also decided to post here, hoping someone from the support team would see it. original post here Where I explained that my RTX 3080's RGBs would randomly shut off. They would always come back on after a cold boot. So at one moment when I had booted up the system...