HWiNFO64 disables the RGB leds on my RTX 3080 Gaming X trio when its launched.


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Posted this one reddit but also decided to post here, hoping someone from the support team would see it.

original post here
https://www.reddit.com/r/MSI_Gaming/comments/j30qir Where I explained that my RTX 3080's RGBs would randomly shut off.

They would always come back on after a cold boot. So at one moment when I had booted up the system, and clicked on launching HWiNFO (sensors only) I saw the lights turn off again at the same instant the application launched. Just to be sure I turned off the system and tried to replicate the same thing and yep, the lights turned off immediately.

Here's a little clip https://streamable.com/jyluw7

Not sure, if the HWiNFO team is aware of this, However just wanted to put this out there in case anyone was encountering the same problems. For the record I also have a 2080 Super Gaming X trio and it would never do this despite running HWiNFO to monitor hardware stats. Pretty interesting occurrence.


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Build 4271 posted above has been pulled as this fix is included in all future releases, available since v6.33-4275 Beta.