1. KirkH420

    ASUS G15 GA502 Ryzen 4900HS RTX2060 HWiNFO is reporting Fan Speeds backwards

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has seen this issue and if there is anything that I could do to work around this issue. At PC idle speeds/temps and the fan curve left set to allow the device to determine the fan speeds that it needs, under these conditions HWiNFO reports Fan Speed around 735...
  2. U

    Slot not Implemented

    Hello everyone, Could you please tell me what Slot Implemented means? SSD is 970Pro 512GB. Thank you.
  3. T

    Fan speed is not max when set to max

    Hello, recently posted about hexadecimals but gave up after the difficulty of looking. Anyway, I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5579 laptop. In HWINFO i can control the fan with three seperate levels: 0 RPM 2500 RPM 4900 RPM. These RPM choices are fine for me, but I noticed something. If I leave my...
  4. B

    Increase Update Speed

    I notice that the metrics on the overlay update about every 2 seconds. Is there a way to make it update once per second or faster?
  5. T

    Fans RPM missing from ASUS N580GD

    Hi. I'm not too sure if HWinfo was able to read any of (only 2(one for cpu, other for GPU)) fans on my ASUS N580GD laptop. Is it because the software doesn't support that model, or is it something from my end that I haven't done properly? I was trying to set custom fan speeds. Thank you!
  6. L

    hwinfo shows half RAM speed

    I recently enabled the XMP profile for my 16gb Ripjaws V (Dual Channel) but HWiNFO only shows half of the speed it should have. (It should be 3200mhz but it shows up as 1599.5) Does anyone know why that is?