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Hello, recently posted about hexadecimals but gave up after the difficulty of looking.

Anyway, I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5579 laptop. In HWINFO i can control the fan with three seperate levels:

2500 RPM
4900 RPM.

These RPM choices are fine for me, but I noticed something.
If I leave my fan on System Auto and stress it with something like prime95, once the CPU hits 90 degrees, the fan spins up to 4900, then gets up to 6200. HWINFO only lets you go to 4900. Is that the maximum value that it can set? It would be really nice for us to actually like, set the fan speed of Dell systems to the maxiumum the fan can go, as in my case 6200 RPM. I know it is higher because the fan is louder. I am assuming its some mode that the system gets into, if it detects its overheating it goes to turbo mode??? Any way for this to be implimented?
This has been explained several times on this forum. The 3 levels you see is what the firmware allows other applications to set, but internally it can control the fan at a completely different level.
And since the fan control method on DELL systems is strictly DELL-secret, we're not aware if there are other means of settings fan speeds.