temperature monitoring

  1. Ditendra08

    How to Save Temperature Report

    Is there any way to save temperature report of my components? For example, at the end of the day I want to save report as a file where there will be information of CPU, MB, GPU and SSD temperatures with min max and average for that day.
  2. S

    Cant access GPU Temp on HWInfo v.5.92-3580

    Hey guys! I have used HWInfo for a few years now. It always worked well and i loved managing my PC diagnostics with this programm. Recently i wasn't able to find my GPU Temperature anymore and this hasn't changed... I dont think i updated the software, but im not exactly sure. Thanks for your...
  3. Monaturca

    49 Celsius difference between CPU Tctl and TSI temperatures.

    I really don't understand it. I changed my thermal paste over and over to check if it changes a little bit but it never changes. I was checking it for like 6 months and its always 49.0 Celsius. Why is it like that? I don't think its supposed to be that much different. My cpu is AMD A10 7890K
  4. S

    Temps 1,2,3 not making to much sense and I'm starting to freaking out

    So my MOBO is a gigabyte 970a-ud3p (v1.0) is not the (v2.0) and for what I can asume temp 1 is system temperature because always stays really steady and reports basically my ambient temperature within +2 to +4 °C and I don't even know where the sensor is but I don't care that much about it, but...

    CPU Temp Monitoring

    Hi everyone. I need help... I am confused with different readings from monitoring my CPU temp. I tried to find an answer in various forums but only got more confused, can someone explain in a simple way the difference in the following please ? HWINFO64 gives me these readings. (Section) CPU...