Temps 1,2,3 not making to much sense and I'm starting to freaking out


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So my MOBO is a gigabyte 970a-ud3p (v1.0) is not the (v2.0) and for what I can asume temp 1 is system temperature because always stays really steady and reports basically my ambient temperature within +2 to +4 °C and I don't even know where the sensor is but I don't care that much about it, but temp 2 oscillates from 35°C to 60+°C depending on the load of course, and I asume is the NB because is the only part that doesn't have direct cooling, and yes I did touch it with my fingers to check if the 60°C or 50°C that report HWINFO in temp 2 is the NB and is pretty close, like the NB it was really hot to the touch and I'm trying to medigate the NB temps as I really fell like +60°C is too much, and then is temp 3, that the minimum temp reported is below 15°C and the max reported is always 1 or 2°C down compared with temp 2, like temp 2 reaches a max of 56°C, temp 3 shows a max of 55°C while the current temp is super low and oscillates like crazy from 15°C to 35°C while the PC is in idle and nothing compared with temp 2 in current temperature is much more stable... I updated BIOS to F2 nothing change from this like ''ghost' sensor (temp 3) and I really want to know exactly what temp 1 2 3 are and if I can do something more to have more precise temp telemetry
PD: CPU power after I overclock it always shows 76W on all current, min and max readings; while in stock the CPU power reads according on the load I put on it, and idk it will cool to have that back to know the exact CPU power draw, most likely is some power management option I disable from bios to overclock, but as I said I don't Really Know if it even matters if I can make it work and don't loose performance or stability or is just pooling 76Wats all the time idk is something I just remember kinda Off-topic


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I'm not 100% about these older series, but based on other similar models your observations should be correct:
Temp 1 = Motherboard
Temp 2 = NB
Temp 3 = CPU

I'll adjust this accordingly including voltages in the next (Beta) build.
Oh how I didn't notice that temp 3 shows the same as the CPU temp thank you for that, and one more dum question VRloop temps are the VRMS right? because is like duplicated same temps, but power draw are massive in difference


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Yes, those are voltage regulators. Each for a different rail, but temps in loops are mirrored.