temperature sensor

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    NAND Temp Higher than the Controller Temp All the Time?

    Hi Folks! Good Day! I have a bit of a weird case. I bought a new pc setup and everything is running smoothly except this issue with the NVMe Temp. I know that controller is always the one with the higher temp than the memory but it's the opposite in my case. The NAND temp (Temp 1/2) is higher...
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    High temperature delta for 5600X

    I am seeing a very large temperature delta across the different sensors. The CPU Die (Average) reading 119 while the other 3 sensors are reading under 70 (Tctl/Tdie, Tdie and IOD average) Is this a bug or should I being to worry about CPU degradation?
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    Temps 1,2,3 not making to much sense and I'm starting to freaking out

    So my MOBO is a gigabyte 970a-ud3p (v1.0) is not the (v2.0) and for what I can asume temp 1 is system temperature because always stays really steady and reports basically my ambient temperature within +2 to +4 °C and I don't even know where the sensor is but I don't care that much about it, but...
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    ASUS Ryzen Motherboards overheating / faulty temperature sensor problem.

    Hello, I am not sure where to post about it yet, so I came here. A couple days ago I had a first time occasion to stress-test my cpu (R5 3600) in occt. Before stressing it, I checked out some temperatures the program was detecting. What peaked my intrest was a sensor named "Temp2" on the mobo...
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    DDR3 & GDDR5 temperature monitoring

    Hello Martin, My compliments to you on a very good bit of software :) I'm interested in monitoring my DDR3-RAM temperatures (ASRock Z77 Pro 3) and my GDDR5 VRAM temperatures (AMD R9 270). I have seen other posts indicating that you have added the capability for reading RAM temperatures. The...