High temperature delta for 5600X


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I am seeing a very large temperature delta across the different sensors. The CPU Die (Average) reading 119 while the other 3 sensors are reading under 70 (Tctl/Tdie, Tdie and IOD average) Is this a bug or should I being to worry about CPU degradation?


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Its false dont worry. All ZEN3 (5000) have max operating temp at 90°C.
At that point they throttle and if they pass it shut down will happen, as long as the BIOS setting into PBO section about temp limit is the default (Auto).

The first 3 temps for you (Tctl, average and CCD Tdie) at highest (max value) are always close to each other within 2-5°C range. So that temp would also be around 65~70°C.


I can read through your sensors that you have Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO) enabled, if that "CPU Package Power" peak reading is correct.
If you want to see all your current operating limits of the CPU you can see it in RyzenMaster

Like this in red boxes

Such wrong readout can happen if you're running some other monitoring/tweaking tools (i.e. Hydra) along with HWiNFO.