100ms core frequency sampling on AMD Matisse?

I'm trying to use HWInfo to collect core frequency on an AMD 3800X 8C16T. We're testing an Asus X570 board with the recently released BIOS with core boost improvement update from AMD.

We are setting the sampling frequency to 100 ms (and see it set in the UI) but the log we get shows gaps of 300-400 ms instead of 100 ms. We are running Cinebench workloads for ~185 secs and the gap in the log is consistent throughout.

Is there something I could be doing wrong?

I'll mention I managed to get it down to ~175 ms on one system while trying to troubleshoot whether the 300-400 ms gap was due to using the system EC (I saw a dialog on startup asking about using it and its potential impact on collection). However, I couldn't then switch settings back and get the longer time so I am not sure how I got to 175 ms. However, I am unfamiliar with the app and EC so I may not have using it correctly. I only mention in case it is useful.
This might be caused by a delay in reading some sensors. Enabling the "Profiling Time" column in sensor settings will show you which sensors take how much time to read.
Then disable monitoring of those you don't need (hit the Del key over the sensor or even better the entire sensor heading).
Thanks for the tip. It wasn't successful. Logged sampling times were ~350 ms. Tested initially with using the EC, then tried turning EC off in Settings with no improvement.

Any other tips? Do you know of anyone who has been successful with this CPU or even any Matisse CPU? Thanks!


I turned on showing profiling time. It showed zeros for all metrics except a couple metrics for GPU, storage drive and the 1.00V SB Voltage entry under Asus EC, all of which showed single digit ms profiling times.

I tried deleting entries, with no impact, all the way down to just showing the 2 CPU sections: logging frequency is consistently ~350 ms. I then delete everything except frequency and VID for one core (out of 8). Still 350ms sampling log entries.

For example, log entry times are: 10:31:55.957, 10:31:56.317, 10:31:56.676, 10:31:57.035, 10:31:57.395, etc
Please attach a screenshot of the sensors window and the HWiNFO Debug File. I will need to check this in more detail.
I have attached 3 screenshots plus one of the log files. Not sure if the debug file you refer to is the log. I could not find a separate debug file being generated by the app.


Turned on debug and grabbed that file.

Found a clue:
- running with debug disabled = sampling log interval of ~350 ms.
- running with debug enabled = sampling log interval of ~125 ms.

After running with debug disabled, I ran with debug enabled. Checking the log I noted that interval was now ~125 ms. I disabled debug and collected again. Interval back to ~350 ms.

There were no other changes to the system and it was still running from when I took the first set of data.


That's quite weird as I'd expect it to be much slower with Debug Mode enabled.