5700xt temperatures get stuck


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V6.30-4240 and V6.31-4265
AMD adrenaline 20.9.1 current.

I have noticed that the reporting for gpu hot-spot, gpu temperature and gpu memory temperature randomly get stuck and requires a complete system reboot to fix.

I have check amd software while hwinfo has been stuck and the correct temperatures appear in amd software while hwinfo is stuck.
Sometimes just restarting hwinfo will fix but not often.

I have just updated to adrenaline 20.9.2 for testing.
I also don't remember seeing this problem prior to 20.9.1


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This could well be an issue of AMD drivers, let me know if the new update fixes it.


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Have you tried the latest final 6.32-4270.
I have an MSI 5700XT gaming X and yesterday drivers updated to 20.9.1 but also to the HWiNFO v6.32 so I cannot confirm this.
So far no issues with both on the latest final version.

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Haven't noticed any problems after updating to adrenaline 20.9.2.
Just updated hw to 6.32 4270. Will keep an eye out.