7.24 update gpu issue/overall update


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so for the past few months i have been running older versions of hwinfo and everything was smooth. The last one that worked for me was 7.22. today i installed 7.24 and when i load the sensors which i normally have running on my side monitor it hitches alot when im scrolling and when im minimize any of the sensors. I am running windows 11 and it was working fine on previous versions. I then uninstalled the software and removed all files/folders related to it so i could do a fresh install to see if that helped. It did not fix any of the issues. the other thing i noticed is that the program on summary section does show my GPU but in the sensor i no longer see my gpu in there and cannot monitor its temps. Ive mainly been using this program to monitor the gpu since its new and the last 3080 ti i had died withing 18 days so i wanted to keep a close eye on this new one. Any help would be nice or if there is a way to download a previous known working version.

Thank you.
Try to do a Reset Preferences from main settings of HWiNFO if that will help.