A problem with font settings


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I'm using HWiNFO64 v5.86. Everything works fine, but I have a problem with font setting. When I click CONFIG -> CHANGE FONT and try to change the SCRIPT value, it always resets back to Western. I can choose another font or font size, it works. The problem is with the SCRIPT setting.

I'm trying to change the script (encoding?) setting as the celcius sign does not display properly on the sensors page.

I'm using Windows 10 Home 64-bit, English language. The locale settings are all Turkish.

Many thanks for the great app! Regards, Levent
Do you know what the Celsius character code in Turkish locale is?
I could fix that sign internally without the need to change fonts.
I checked the Degree Sign via Character Map in Windows and Turkish locale should be using the same value as other (Western, Europe) encodings.
So I'm not sure why that doesn't work for you. Can you attach a few screenshots showing your character map and how the sign appears in HWiNFO ?