According to HWinfo64 I have a bunch of cores at 12884.2Mhz sweet!


So in HWmonitor and HWinfo64 the minimum Mhz seems to be normal however for maximum and avg it is very off. It shows I have cores at 7584.2Mhz or some close to 6Ghz. The little box in HWinfo64 that shoews the cores and the current Mhz seems to be correct however. Very dissapointing such amazing super software which I love can not get this right and shows me these off figures. Here are my system specs.

Intel Core i9 10980XE / Gigabyte X299X Aorus Master EATX / Gigabyte WF RTX 2080 / Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 64GB @ 3200 / Corsair AX1600i PSU / Corsair H115i Pro RGB @ 2x Noctua DH-A14 Fans / Corsair Carbide 330r Blackout Edition No Glass @ Noctua DH-A14 Int & DH-P12 Exh / LG 43" IPS Matte 4K HDR10 / LG 55" C9 OLED / Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse Lizzard Grip & G915 Wireless Linear Keyboard Brushed Aircraft Aluminum & G935 Wireless 7.1 HP & C920 Webcam / Xbox Wireless Controller / Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen USB Audio Interface / KRK Rokits 10-3 Gen4 Monitors @ Black Wooden Stands / Thurman Power Conditioner / Sennheiser HD 650 / HD BTNC 4.50 / StudioLogic SL 88 Grand MIDI Controller Wooden Fatar Hammer Action Keys / Cakewalk By BandLab DAW / Corsair MP510 960GB / 950 Pro 500GB / 850 Pro 500GB / M4 500GB / LaCie Porsche Design 2TB & 500GB / E-WIN Champion Series Gaming Chair Perforated Leather Black / Acoustic Treated Music Studio / UOKIER Wireless Cam / Google Pixel 5 / Music Studio
Is there perhaps Hyper-V active? Please post the HWiNFO Debug File for analysis.
Thank you Martin sir for your quick response and yes Hyper-V is active I haven't really fingered the BIOS at all. Here is a screenshot btw. 1602863907315.png
Ok I did the Save Report. I have always used HWinfo and not bothered or new to much about this amazing HWinfo64 so Im new at this. As you can see at the screenshot look how amazingly off the numbers are. Here is my log file sir Martin.


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Thank you so much getting used to your app, I initially posted on Tom's and they told me to come here. Ok so I can debug mode with HWmonitor or HWinfo as both show the same wrong Mhz results. Right now I hvae like dozens of things open and am working I can't afford a computer crash at the moment or anything to botch the system. I will have to do this for you tho when I can. As for Hyper-V you mentioned if it was on. As I replied back I havent really fingered the BIOS so it is on by default ya know. Now Im showing 6Ghz and almost 7Ghz on all the cores. I was about to install your new beta I was scared to do so as it might have crashed my system which I am currently mutlitasking with a ton of apps and data open and I can not lose it at the moment. Thanks for your help. What is interesting is your little cute box that shows the cores and bars and what Mhz is show the correct results,, I kept a eye out on it and messed around on the rig and it was all correct Mhz speeds. At first I used HWmonitor but then heard about HWinfo64 but both are showing the incorrect Mhz but at least your cute box with the cores and Mhz is correct and absoltely not false Mhz readings which has got me confused how that works fine but not the app section of it so I can log what Mhz have the cores gone to you know. ‍♂️
Ok the little cute box which shows Mhz speed and also the main app showing current Mhz is all correct. However the maximum is completly off showing up to 12Ghz on cores and 10Ghz and 8Ghz and so on. Weird bug and I can't debug now as I have ton of crapola open and working and what not.
I assume this is because of occasional erratic readout of BCLK. Does this perhaps occur when the machine is running at high load?
I asked you for the HWiNFO Debug File to check this, which you didn't provide yet.
So sorry Martin my guru master. I am working from home and have dozens of applications and data running in real time and I can not afford a crash by running the debug as you told me about. So I couldn't run it yesterday but also today I am busy as well. Once again everything is great on the actual Mhz at the moment on both HWinfo and HWmonitor the only problem is the MAX reading which is high even if the CPU is at idle and barely being used maybe at most 7 percent CPU usage. or even 0 percent does it. For the first time yesterday I saw 12Ghz lol and bunch of the cores. Also that cute box you made which I love that tells the currnet Mhz is correct and shows correct values as does HWm and HWi it is just the MAX Mhz that blow up and shows these outrageous numbers. When I close shop I can run debug mode. So there is a chance it will crash the computer or is that just a warning and what not. Thank you again you rock.✝‍♂️
The max reading represents the maximum value read, so it was a temporary glitch. If HWiNFO is not crashing then running Debug Mode should not crash either.