AGESA Combo-AM4 V2


So, i just updated my ASRock X570 Steel Legend to the latest BIOS that supports AGESA Combo-AM4 V2
And I've noticed that CPU TDC, CPU TDC Limit, and CPU Power Reporting Deviation are now missing from HWiNFO sensors. (Ryzen Master also doesn't read the CPU Power, SOC Power, and TDC (CPU) )

I wonder if this is just ASRock problem or is the new AGESA Combo-AM4 V2 the cause of it?


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Looks like this is some issue in the AGESA/SMU firmware.
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Update: Upon further checking, this might be some new ASRock 'feature' that thwarts reporting of current values. Perhaps some attempt to hide true Power Reporting Deviation ?
Update2: After even more checking of the data it looks like ASRock is playing some game here..
[Assuming this is not a bug in the BIOS code, but an intentional change]
Most probably due to the Power Reporting Deviation story, it seems that ASRock has taken a very strange response to this.
They have completely nullified the scaling factors for CPU and SOC currents. So the CPU has absolutely no knowledge how much power it is consuming.
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Lol, interesting. It really sucks if they're doing this intentionally.
I also found on reddit that this behavior also happening on X570 Taichi but not on X570 Aqua.
It might be a bug in the BIOS as well, but I think this would be rather unlikely as the QA should notice such issue (also because the Power Reporting Deviation topic is discussed a lot now) and not approve such BIOS for release.