Alienware 15 r1 FAN


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I was not happy with default FAN policy of my AW 15 r1, so i tried to look for some software which could help with it. At current moment HWiNFO is the only one capable of doing this - whichis really great. Unfortunatly, I want to have some more functionality, like different profiles and working respin time (which in my case don't do anything). Firstly i found where in registry HWiNFO store my current FAN settings and have wrote simple autohotkey script, which on some keypresses uses my profile ini files to update those values in registry and restarts hwinfo to apply changes. And I have several questions which could greatly help me
1. Can someone help me to understand how FUN control here works? As i currently understand it, it manipulates Embedded Controller memory to disable automatic FAN control and then send custom RPM values. I tried to use RW-Everything to monitor EC RAM while changing FAN values in HWiNFO to discover addresses where RPM valuess could be stored - but with no luck, it dosen't seem to change anything there.
2. Is there any way to reload FAN settings in HWiNFO with some external command, or, at least, a way to restart it without losing focus of current window (as for now, even if set to start minimised, HWiNFO GUI appears for a brief moment after start, and steal focus from my current window - yeah, i fixed script to give focus back to my current window, but it works badly with fullscreen apps).
I know that my questins may be out of scope for this forum, so, thank you in advance for any provided help here