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I really like this program. The bug I'm sending as 7-zip files report an external device in the sensor report, which I'm assuming is my USB HDD. Yet, it does not show up in the "drive" section of the report. The drive in question is an Hitachi HTS541680J9SA00. It should be drive 1. There is also a disk 2 which is a dell usb mass storage device. It is recognized because it is part of my dell v305 printer-scanner-copier.

Hopefully, with this info, you can figure out what's going on. BTW, I am using the latest beta version. The latest stable version read the same.

If you need any more info from me, I will be glad to oblige.


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The "External1" label you see in the Sensors list doesn't belong to an External drive. It means that this reading is 'external' to the sensor device. To explain it a bit more, this sensor supports 2 readings:
- a "Local" input which monitors the temperature of the sensor chip itself and thus is commonly used to monitor the "Mainboard" temperature
- an "External" input which can be connected anywhere depending on manufacturer's choice. In your case (your notebook) this seems to be the CPU temperature

HWiNFO32 doesn't report external USB devices in the "Drives" list, so the only "Drive" device reported is the "INTEL SSDSA2MH080G1GC" SSD drive.