AMD CPU Tctl/Tdie missing

I am not sure if it is caused by Windows Update or some driver issue, but all of a sudden I cannot see the Tctl/Tdie entry in both the HWINFO window and in the logs. I have checked the custom settings and it is also not there. This happens from 7.12 to latest beta 7.15. Did not test any older as it was working well on 7.14 less than a week ago. I am running all all default settings.
This is a Ryzen 5800X on MSI B550M Mortar. Windows is just upgraded to 21H2

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The value is read by HWiNFO and seems to be valid. Did you perhaps hide it? Try to "Reset Preferences" in HWiNFO.
Thanks for the help, resetting indeed solved the issue. But I did not touch the settings at all, it just suddenly got hidden, and I scroll thru the customize settings and this reading is not even in the list. I think this is not the first time happening, a few weeks ago I posted a thread on missing Tctl/Tdie value in logs, and found out that the log switch was somehow set to OFF despite me not touching it at all. I think it is really weird.
Yes, it is weird.. Could be the result of some misconfiguration from the past, hard to say...