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    Fan customization option doesnt show up

    As my CPU fan stays at 0 rpm, I tried many ways of changing so. I went through Lenovo Legion Toolkit, Lenovo Fan Control and Fan Control V187, but I didnt find any solution and so I went for HWiNFO64, which actually looks as the most solid program of them all. The problem is that I cannot...
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    AMD 5600x PRD at 80% stock and undervolt

    My 5600x is at 80% PRD under load at stock and with -30 undervolt. Tested with cinebench 23. Any idea what could be causing this? Screenshot 1 stock Screenshot 2 -30 undervolt
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    New system frequently crashing.

    First of all I'd like to say hi. I've registered to ask about a potential issue which is bugging me for some time now. My new system frequent crashing is making me worried. I've let an external company to setup a PC for me, providing rather general information: 1) Mainly a gaming PC, without...
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    AMD CPU Tctl/Tdie missing

    I am not sure if it is caused by Windows Update or some driver issue, but all of a sudden I cannot see the Tctl/Tdie entry in both the HWINFO window and in the logs. I have checked the custom settings and it is also not there. This happens from 7.12 to latest beta 7.15. Did not test any older as...
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    What does HWinfo CPU temperature sensors readings mean?

    I have R7 3700X and the temp sensors listed are: CPU(Tctl/Tdie), CPU(Die average), CPU CCD1(Tdie). Does any sensor in hwinfo report IO die temperature? Does CPU(tctl/tdie) report highest temperature only for CCD or for CCD and IO Die? Is "CPU(die average)" average value of CCD and IO die, or...
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    Ryzen 7 3700X IO Die temperature and sensor questions

    Can I check IO Die temperature? I need it in order to make sure that I applied thermal paste properly. Other than that: How many temperature sensors has Ryzen 7 3700X CCD? As far as I know there's only one CCD in 3700X. About sensors: Is CCD1 the highest temperature measured for CCD chiplet...
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    Very high CPU temperature?

    Should i worry about this temperatures? What's the difference between Tctl and TSI? This is with average use, like Google Chrome with 3 tabs, one of them Twitch and Discord open, nothing too intensive.