AMD Ryzen 3500U temperature


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After many researches, i still can't find out which one of these two is the real temperature of the CPU.
If I'm not wrong, the upper one is offset and the lower one is the actual temp?
Cause 97-100°C seems a little too toasty for me.
Thanks in advance!
Both are real temps, reporting different things.

Tctl/Tdie is the CPU (core) hot spot (reporting highest sensor reading, among all sensors) and SOC is the Uncore part of the CPU. In your case (APU) may include iGPU besides other on-die controllers.

I dont know the temp limit of APUs but since SOC is too hot too, this might be real.
Probably its right. 3500U is a Zen+ (12nm) and its max operating temp is 105°C (Tjmax)

I suppose since this is on a laptop, it all comes down on the power settings of the device manufacturer and what kind of cooling capacity it has. Ambient temp can make a difference too...
This CPU's power consumption is configurable (From AMD+Laptop vendor) from 12W up to 35W.
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Thanks for the answer!
Yeah, i'm on a laptop. I'm gonna try dusting out my pc. It's basically new (received Christmas 2021) and i remember that when i got it it would sit around 70°C. Maybe it's a mix of ambient temperature and dust.
I'll report back after dusting.