[Another about fans] default values way below max speed


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[Edit] I´ve seen now other answers and it seems that there is no way to manage beyond this value because DELL is a huge bastard and it will never receive another penny from me. I will leave this post just in case some magic appears. I've seen people tweak the BIOS installation to allow undervolting, this sort of thing cannot be changed like that as well? (I can undervolt without those extreme measures though)
I have a Dell G5 5587.
I run the diagnostic tool that comes with de laptop even before starting windows. Bios level so to speak. There, as it can be seen in the image, I could see the max fan speed that my fans can go.
It is 5700RPM, but HWinfo only allows me to set 4900 as the max RPM.
How can I change this max value?

The thing is that Dell is so bad, that even just reaching 4900 it cools better than the system auto. The only time I hear the fans ramp up really fast and loud is when I turn up the laptop. So I guess that 5700 is not a lie, never my laptop goes as high as when it just has been turned up.