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Noted a difference between SIW (and HWMonitor) and HWiNFO32. 1.) it detects as different winbond chips and 2.) it does not show the VIN1 voltage which I DESPERATELY need to log as I've been through 5 sticks of RAM and I need to log this incase another stick goes bad. So far HWiNFO32 is the only program I've found that logs voltages! Image shows differences between programs. .ZIP has .DBG and .LOG


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I analysed the data you submitted and:
1. The sensor chip is correctly reported by HWiNFO32 as W83667HG. So HWMonitor is not reporting the correct chip model.
2. The VIN1 value reported by HWMonitor is not a proper reading for this mainboard. To explain why: nearly every mainboard model requires special adjustments for the readings. For you mainboard (ASRock P43DE) HWiNFO32 does this properly, but HWMonitor doesn't seem to adjust anything. Instead it reports the second voltage as VIN1. In fact this reading must be multiplied by 6.6 to get the real +12V value. So VIN1 (reported by HWMonitor) is the same voltage input as +12V reported by HWiNFO32 (* 6.6). So HWiNFO32 reports this correctly and if you check the +12V reported by HWMonitor you can see that it's invalid. You can verify this with the ASRock OCTuner tool supplied directly from the manufacturer.
What I don't understand is why you need the VIN1 value and why do you think it tells you something relevant..
looks like dram voltage is 1.96 according to ASRock OCTuner. Where is it getting that? Can HWiNFO32 get that somehow? I really need to be able to log this in case I have another stick of RAM go bad on me, I can send the info back to the manufacturer. They're getting tired of sending me sticks of RAM without knowing why they keep going bad on me.
I haven't seen an ASRock board being capable of monitoring the DRAM voltage.
The 1.96V you see in OCTuner comes probably from the BIOS setting for DRAM voltage, so it's not a real value being read from a sensor.
Shouldn't you RAM run at 1.8V according to the spec? If yes, I suggest to go to BIOS and lower the voltage.
I thought I was following the Enhanced Performance Profile (Profile #0) of 400MHz, 4-4-4-12, 2V. (that's what I selected in BIOS)