Are there any specific hardware requirements or specifications to consider when purchasing an Intel Evo laptop?


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Hello everyone,

I am considering purchasing an Intel Evo laptop and I was wondering if there are any specific hardware requirements or specifications I should consider before making a decision. I have done some research and found that Intel Evo laptops must meet certain requirements to earn the "Intel Evo" badge. According to, the minimum requirements for an Intel Evo laptop are:
12th-Gen Alder Lake processor

Minimum of 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage
At least 9 hours of battery life (on laptops with a FHD panel)
Ultra-thin bezels
Lightweight (under 3.3 pounds)
Instant wake from sleep (less than 1 second)
USB-C with Thunderbolt 4 support
Wi-Fi 6E and optional LTE
Additionally, explains that Intel Evo laptops are co-engineered with various brands to meet 75+ premium standards such as high performance, fast charging, long-lasting battery, instant wake, best-in-class connectivity, and ideal size & weight.

I hope this information helps. If anyone has any additional insights or recommendations, please feel free to share.
Thank you!