Asus EPU2 not detected


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Sensors and debug file attached

Asus EPU2 missing and maybe some voltages are wrong - not sure about that
GPU VRM temperature2 not working
Thank you for a great program :)


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Sorry, but this mainboard doesn't have an EPU2 sensor and the GPU (RX480) doesn't have a second VRM sensor.
Which values are you missing against the BIOS or ASUS tools? I can see that some values (especially temperatures) are erratic. Can you please compare this with ASUS tools?
Computer sits in a cold room - temps are fine except temp3-6 - maybe missign sensors
I found VCCIO voltage - set 0.950 in BIOS but not monitored
same for System Agent voltage - 1.050 not monitored in bios
I tried to install Asus Suite but its bugged
Ah, you're using some advanced cooling solution :) I was wondering about those extremely low temperatures, but then noticed all other sensors report the same :)