Auto update not working on hwinfo64 pro


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I just bought pro version and put the txt key file in the same location as the exe. The hwinfo I have is 7.02-4430. I get a notification that an update is available, but I thought it was supposed to AUTO update without any notification.

I click the update button and it brings me to the hwinfo page to manually update.

The hwinfo64 pro settings shows Auto Update is ticked.

Why is this crucial feature not working?


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Automatic Update feature was first available in v7.03 Beta, so only that and later versions are able to update to newer ones. v7.02 didn't have this yet.
If you're on v7.04 now (and I see you have Beta notifications disabled), automatic update will work to the next stable version in your case.
Gotcha, so manual update for now and it will update automatically in the future. I'm guessing the auto update checkmark there was NYI in that version.