Autostart does not work


Windows 10 2004 + June updates.
1. Logged as non-admin user
2. invoked start of HWiNFO64 via UAC
3. re-checked autostart
4. scheduled task is not created.

I manually created scheduled task, it won't start either.
The scheduled task exists in administrator account.
But the Last Run Result is 0x40010004.
Invoking it manually does nothing.
That status means "Debugger terminated process", which is quite strange.
Is there perhaps some software running that might be preventing HWiNFO to start?
I don't know how exactly Scheduled Tasks work in Windows but I think something is not right:
1. invoking task from non-admin account is possible only if Run whether user is logged on or not is checked
2. the invoked task is in state Running whole time
3. there's respective process visible in Task Manager but no GUI on the desktop or in tray area

I want HWiNFO to show me CPU & GPU temperatures while I am logged as non-admin user.
How do I do it? Where does HWiNFO search for its configuration?
I think that "Run whether user is logged on or not" is possible only for tasks that have no GUI as in this case the process runs similar to a service without access to GUI.
So for HWiNFO you should not use this option. You might try to change the user account under which the task will be run.