AUXTIN3 on an AsRock z97 Extreme 6


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Hi Martin,
Thanks for the software (which is awesome).
Are you able to say what AUXTIN3 on an AsRock z97 Extreme 6 mobo is?
I'm guessing it's up to AsRock to say - I've tried on an AsRock forum, with no joy, but I guess I could also email technical support.

Thanks again.
Yes, you're right - only ASRock knows exactly. So sorry, I can't help further.
It might also be an invalid values from a not connected sensor in case it shows extreme values.

And I doubt that ASRock will respond to your question. For example, technical support GigByte to the question "What is given in the current USB 3.0 outputs load on board GA-Z68AP-D3? According to the specification must give 0.9A, but it connected to a 2,5" HDD consumes 0,85A does not start from the current lack of a chain power, but with the expansion card on the same Ethron EJ168A works without problems. " six months bother me and finally said, "In case of unauthorized repairs you will lose your warranty.". and the repair fee speech was not, although I repair cost is not difficult, and the board itself has got to me, though new, but after several years of storage at the warehouse of spare parts, and it is clear that its warranty expired long ago. :)