B550 Steel Legend CPU temp freezes when using HWiNFO64


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Board: Asrock B550 Steel Legend
Sensor: Nuvoton NCT6796D
HWinFO version: 7.15-4620

After a seemingly arbitrary amount (I've seen 10 minutes, I've seen 30) of time running HWiNFO64, the motherboard sensor will stop reporting CPU temp and will instead just freeze at one value. The CPU itself however still reports correct values in HWiNFO64, but the problem is the fan curves follow the motherboard-reported (frozen) temp, which basically means that HWiNFO64 also locks my fans into one speed. Other programs that monitor CPU temp through the motherboard (such as Asrock's A-Tuning) also display this frozen value; the only way to fix this seems to be to reboot the PC and just not open HWiNFO64.

Any ideas?
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Are you perhaps running other monitoring tools with HWiNFO? That could theoretically cause a conflict during accessing the sensor.
Please try to run only HWiNFO and no other monitoring tools. If that won't help, try to disable monitoring of the Nuvoton sensor (hit Del over its heading) and let me know the results.
Yeah that seems to be it. It works properly when either running only HWiNFO64 (for 3 hours now) or when running HWiNFO64 + GPU Tweak III but with the Nuvoton sensor disabled (1 hour). Never occurred to me that there might be a conflict there since they both ran fine together on my old motherboard. Thanks for the help!