Ballistix Elite Thermal Sensors Not Detected


Hello Martin,
this is not exactly a bug report, since I don't think HWiNFO is the culprit here... but this is the only place where I discovered some useful information in similar threads.
I have a Ballistix Elite Kit (2x BLE8G4D36BEEAK.M8FE1) which does feature 2x thermal sensors, as you can see in this review (bottom):
Unfortunately, neither Ballistix MOD utility, nor Thaiphoon Burner, nor HWiNFO, nor Aida64 shows them. HWiNFO reports "Module Temperature Sensor" as "Supported" and Aida64 too ("Thermal Sensor: Present").
Since I own a Gigabyte motherboard, I found this thread particularly interesting...

I already have a report+debug. If you need them, can I send them to you via pm?
Thank you for your help!
You can send those files, but it's quite likely that I won't be able to figure out why the temperature sensor is not accessible, so the best solution might be to contact the manufacturer.
Logs sent!
I've already reached out to Micron/Crucial support, but they asked me to uninstall RGB software (which I don't have) and try only one module at a time (which I did, but still no sensors).
I'm sorry, but I don't recognize any DIMM temperature sensor. I'm not sure why is this, but there's nothing appearing on SMBus that would look like a DIMM TS.
This will need to be discussed with Micron/Crucial engineers in more detail.
They can contact me directly to discuss further technical details if needed. I'll be happy to look into to this with them.
They totally ignored your offer and said:
"We would like to inform you that as long as the memory is running fine in the system there is really nothing to worry about. If the you would like, we can certainly swap the memory out with an RMA to correct the problem though. A replacement of parts will be the only way to correct this."
That looks like they are somehow admitting that in reality your modules don't feature a temperature sensor. And if you return them they will probably send you parts with sensor.
Yeah. If it weren't for the fact that I have no spare DDR4 modules around, I would swap this faulty kit with a new one. Maybe I'll do it in the future... Crucial offers lifetime warranty, after all.