Big FPS stutter at 2hours of usage.


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  • Hey all

    I've got an issue that drives me crazy.
    I'm SimRacing and thus input and screen has to be spot on or I end up in the wall or off track in a race.
    I can't really tell since when but at the 2 hour mark, almost spot on, my screen freezes for a half second or more and than every thing continues to work like before.

    I used HWInfo to log all sensor and I noticed something at that moment.
    To be honest, I'm not sure If the readings are pointing at the hardware causing it or there is software that is doing something at that 2 hour mark.
    If any of you can indentify what or why the Screen froze up, be my guest. I'll add the log, it's line 3719 that shows some odd things at the GPU and SSD readouts.
  • logfile in excel format

    But I think I also have to log all apps for their behavior. Because I think it is something that demands harddrive reading/writings by doing an update or something.
    Again, I'm not sure but I'd like to find this bugger and get rid of it.
    Is there any way to get a readout from app behavior?
    I tried to turn off everything that auto updates, virusscan, ... but no solution.

    My hardware:
    I9 9900K at 5ghz
    RTX 3080 at stock settings (pushing a lot of pixels (3*1440P))
    32 gb ram
    Win 11 pro (issue is also there at Win 10pro)
    This does happen also at stock CPU speeds and even without the xmp profiles.

    I appreciate all info.