BIOS Update button.


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This program is great...

My concern is :
What is the status of this website which you link to from the BIOS Update button?
Is this website trustworthy?
Why has it been getting so many bad reviews and being labeled as a scam site?
Are you pushing scamware?


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Yes, that site is trustworthy. I don't know why it gets such reviews, perhaps because their services are not free.
im sorry but it told me i had 36 out of date drivers. i went through and checked 1 by 1 and it turned out only 4 were out of date!!! Then when i checked after updating them all it told me i had 21 out of date drivers of which i know is impossible as i had just been through and checked them all. I love HWiNFO and love it being free even more so i know you need to make money some how but i thought i'd best let you know so you could look at it. I don't like feeling as though i'm being scammed (i know what they do is a bit out your hands) but at least you now know.