Can HWiNFO Detect an Intel ES Processor?


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Hi Martin, hope you are well.

I'm wondering if HWiNFO is able to detect if a processor (Intel i7-5820K) is an Engineering Sample model? I'm testing one for... someone that claims it is an ES model, but I'm not sure about that.

The Summary and Main HWiNFO information pages show the CPU Type as Production Unit. I don't see anything in CPU-Z or its report that states otherwise.

Basically the question is, does Intel put any metadata about their ES processors that can be read by other programs. I could swear I have seen other ES processors (different model/type) that could be identified as ES types.

Just wondering, thanks!
Yes, HWiNFO can detect the ES status of Intel CPUs - they have a special flag that for that.
If HWiNFO says "Production Unit" then it's not an ES.
Also if you can look at the CPU and see a code starting with Q and 3 additional letters/numbers (QDF), then it's an ES. A code starting with S and 4 additional letters/numbers (SSPEC) is used for production units.
Thanks Martin, this 5820K is definitely a production unit, and has a SSPEC code, SR205 (wrote the codes before mounting it.)

I thought that HWiNFO (really you of course) would be correct about this, I just wanted a confirmation for the owner... that is me actually. :cool: 

Where and how I got this processor is another story...

I don't know what I would do sometimes without HWiNFO!