Can I combine all power readings into one? +Corsair AX1600i issues


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I am trying to get total system power reading onto the OSD, but monitoring of Corsairs AX1600i power readings is not very reliable. Not only it updates extremely slowly, like once per 10 seconds, but it also makes my other power readings update just as slow. It this intended? I know newer versions of Corsair Link/iCUE doesn't like third party software, but still.

So as an alternative, is there any way to combine all power reading from HWINFO into one? Simply create a new one that would combine CPU power and both GPU powers. I know it won't be accurate, but since I have AX1600i I can check precisely by how much and then add something to the final value in Afterburner, it shouldn't off by much then, at least under load and that's what I am after really.

If I add currently available power readings I am basically missing 100W most of the time vs real power draw, so I something like CPU Power+GPU1 Power+GPU2 Power+100W would be fine enough.

You can achieve that using the Custom User Sensor:
You can achieve that using the Custom User Sensor:
Works great, thanks!