Can we have monitoring of vddg voltages?


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I know this isn't really a bug (well it could be since the numbers displayed in hwinfo64 are wrong) but it would be useful to have. Both Ryzen Master and ZenTimings are giving me voltage readings which cannot possibly be accurate:

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My VDDG is 1.0500 but this value cannot be higher than soc since vddg is derived from soc (1.0375). hwinfo seems to agree about 1.0375 (1.038) is the actual soc:

D6RYPtT 55555(1).png

hwinfo static also reports 1.0500 for vddg which I know has to be wrong. It would be nice to know what values the board is actually supplying.

Thank you
I came across a lot of systems on net reporting values like that. I‘m also aware that VDDG/VDDP are both derived from SoC voltage. I don’t think that this is HWiNFO’s fault. RyzenMaster confirms that.
I really don’t have a clue why those values are reported on some boards. And it’s not like a 5000 “issue”. I’ve seen it also with 3000.

I manually configure those voltages because I'm pushing clocks beyond 1800MHz, but even at stock those voltages were as they should.
SoC: 1.08V
VDDP: 0.9V
VDDG: 0.7V