cannot install the hwinfo driver


Hey. So I don't know what changed from before I tried to update to after, but when I tried starting it i get this error. I've checked the antivirus settings, uninstalled malwarebytes (windows defender was disabled at the time) and tried running/reinstalling it but nothing changes. I can't get a report/debug file because it can't open. I don't think I have anything that can interfere with that and what I did have I uninstalled and tried again. I really need this program seeing as my laptop is at about 100 without it and the fans never seem to kick up above 500 ish
Martin said:
Sorry, but what do you mean exactly? And what system is that?

ok, so I set the fan speed to 4000, then eventually (it seems like only a 30 seconds) the fans spin down to what sounds like only a few hundred 500 to 600 and I have to click set manual again.
That's most probably because the firmware takes over and tries to enforce its desired speed.
You'll either need to configure a Custom Auto mode, or setup the Respin.
Check other threads here, it's been discussed a few times.