Cannot uninstall/remove 7.42.


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When I try to Uninstall/Remove via Windows Add & Remove (Apps & features), the uninstall starts but then I get endless Error dialogs popping up that say "Command-line parameters are supported in HWiNFO64 Pro only." My only option is to select OK (there is no Cancel) but the dialog returns within a few seconds. I've never had the Pro version installed or attempted to install anything but the regular free version. The only reason I am trying to uninstall is because the taskbar icons disappeared after updating my GPU driver. I was unable to get them to return via the usual Taskbar Settings. That's when I noticed HWiNFO was no longer in the taskbar (extended area reached via the ^ on the taskbar) like normal either. So I tried to reinstall first which completed extremely fast so I assume it noticed it was already installed. Still didn't work so I tried uninstalling and ran into this next problem (can't uninstall). Help!
I was able to uninstall the graphics card drivers (latest NVIDIA for Quadro M2200) and HWiNFO64 magically ran normally again. I was monitoring the GPU temp in HWiNFO64 and I had it displayed in the taskbar prior to installing the new drivers. The temp displayed properly before the new driver install and after they were removed (Micrsoft Basic Display Adapter automatically installed). Any idea what this means? Did the driver install somehow corrupt the registry? Seems odd that uninstalling a driver would "uncorrupt" a registry. What a strange issue!

I am running an uncommon setup in that my computer is not a laptop but uses MXM graphics cards (HP EliteDesk 800 G1 USDT). I've been having trouble with a new graphics card HP Quadro M2200 but the previous DELL branded Quadro M2200 worked fine (other than overheating until it died, before I found a proper cooling solution/heatsink). The cards have the same Device and Vendor ID but different vBIOS (DELL includes UEFI vBIOS, HP does not/Legacy only).
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That error message during uninstall should not prevent HWiNFO from uninstalling but I think your problem won't be solved by uninstalling HWiNFO.
As you have already figured out, it's rather related to the GPU driver.
Is only the GPU temperature missing in the notification area or perhaps the HWiNFO icon too? Is the GPU temperature shown in HWiNFO sensors screen?
Maybe the new GPU drivers caused HWiNFO to completely lose several sensor items including the temperature? If yes, I will need the HWiNFO Debug File to check this in detail.
The error message continuously popped up and the progress bar seemed to never move much, even after clicking OK dozens of times. I Quit HWiNFO64 before trying to Uninstall to be sure that wasn't causing trouble. I ran out of patience clicking OK over and over seeing no progress so I terminated HWiNFO64 uninstall using Task Manager. After uninstalling the GPU drivers, I was able to uninstall HWiNFO64.

The GPU temperature works normally when the GPU is installed and mostly functioning in my computer. I am having driver issues with the GPU so I have been installing and removing it a lot from my computer. The taskbar icons were only messed up when the problem driver was also installed. I suspect this is related to HWiNFO64 saving the GPU temp sensor information even when the GPU is not installed. With the "bad" GPU driver, I suspect HWiNFO64 is having trouble using the I2C bus on the GPU to get the sensor information it remembers between sessions (sessions referring to scenarios with GPU installed and mostly working, GPU installed and not working, and GPU removed from system).

I plan to reinstall HWiNFO64 once I get the GPU driver issue resolved so I saved my HWiNFO64 settings. However, I noticed the following entries in the HWiNFO64_settings.reg file:


The first key must be for the iGPU (Intel 4790S with HD4600 graphics) and the second is for the dGPU (an NVIDIA Quadro M2200 in MXM slot). The ID mostly matches that of my current dGPU, but not quite. This is related to the issue with the GPU drivers I am trying to solve. The ID above is for the previous dGPU that failed. It has the same Device ID and Vendor ID as the new dGPU but the Subsystem Vendor ID and Subsystem ID is different (the failed graphics card was from a DELL Precision 7520 laptop and the current one is from an HP ZBook 15 G4 laptop). I am having lots of trouble getting the HP graphics card to work but, ironically, the DELL worked without any special drivers. I have been trying to flash different vBIOS using NVFlash to get the HP card to work.

Anyway, this Uninstall issue has led me to believe that it would be best if I do not use HWiNFO64 (keep in Uninstalled) until I resolve the GPU driver issue. I think the activity on the GPU I2C bus might be causing trouble using NVFlash. Do you have any ideas? Also, should I remove those keys from my Backup Settings before re-installing HWiNFO64?