can't find gow to turn off some sensors


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First of all i want to thank you for such great tool, however with the latest 5.34 update i got some sensors reading i don't need - and i don't know how to get rid of them via hwinfo itself, i can't see'em in sensors
before 5.34 i have view like this


With 5.34 i got these huge mess


All after gpu power readings are useless for me so could you please elaborate when can i turn them off?
You can remove them by going into HWiNFO / sensors screen and hitting Del to disable monitoring (or Shift-Del to hide) those sensors.
Oh i'm so sorry seems i missed these sensors they were somewhere in the middle of the list so somehow i overwatched'em. Thanks for mentioning they should be here i've checked twice and finally have found them - so stupid..