Can't seem to stop hwinfo64 from booting dgpu since 7 update


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Description kind of says it. The program was working perfectly for me. Then I updated and it's unusable for my purposes.

I want to run the program without the dgpu powering on. Before the version 7 update I never had a problem just running off of integrated.

Now not only can I not get an appropriate reading of my machine as it acts completely different with HWinfo64 running but it also just straight up doesn't show half the sensors it used to.
Please provide more details about what exactly is happening.
Does it mean HWiNFO now does wake up the dGPU in every cycle?
Which sensors are missing now, what do you mean with "appropriate reading of my machine" ?
Let's start with the dgpu as that's what I care about most.

I am used to using HWinfo pretty often to regulate the battery draw when I unplug. For the past 6 months with this computer I've never had a problem with it. Now that I updated every time I open the application the dedicated graphics card decides to boot out from under the integrated for seemingly no reason. When I close the program it stops constantly turning on and off my DGPU.

Yes I turned off the setting that wakes sleeping GPU's.
Just so you know by 'appropriate' I meant what would be considered regular usage on the CPU and GPU based on what is being done on the computer.

For instance I can run any random game and 10 seconds after quitting the DGPU is off and won't record on other 3rd party software.

That's what I meant by it wasn't 'appropriate' when a program running sensors kept booting the dgpu Appropriate pretty much means according to norm.

Thank you. So far so good with this version. None of the immediate problems and if stability holds this seems to be the best version I've used for sure.