Columns and screen size is tiny after Quake 3 Arena crash/run can't restore it.


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After running Quake 3 Arena Demo and experiecing some kind of crash or something it screws up HW Monitor, this bug has been forever but now I take time to mention it, cause it's kinda annoying on new system where I want to use HW Monitor:

This is how HW Monitor now looks after start up:

(One way to fix it is to double click on the vertical lines between the colums but this is annoying to do, I hope the developer installs Quake 3 Arena, then forces a crash of it and then watch in horror how it screws up this application. I think it has something to do with a resolution force change of this game, I can go into a low resolution, somehow this screws up this HW Monitor. I am pretty sure it did not look like this on first run.
I am not sure where HW monitor stores it GUI information. One idea is to spy on it with resource monitor. It probably has some storage somewhere in registry or perhaps in user folder somewhere... I already tried saving settings via tools or something but that didn't help. This definetly needs to be looked at and needs some fixing. Quake 3 Arena can do this to other apps as well, sometimes even the desktop on windows 7. This is windows 11 though and windows 11 recovers from it. I have considered re-installing HW monitor but I am afraid it won't help if it simply loads it's configuration file from somewhere...

HW Screen Size and Column FUp After Quake 3 Arena Crash.png
This is HWiNFO forum. CPUID HWMonitor is a different product made by a different company.
AH Yes, I was afraid of this this day ! =D

I just switch to HWInfo after seeing it being used on a review/website.

Also CPUID HWMonitor seems to malfunction a lot, also part of the reason to switch to HWInfo ! ;)

I just removed CPUID HWMonitor. I don't trust it anymore, fails to startup, fails to update values, reports wrong sensor information, doesn't understand throttle temperature limit, has column sizing issues etc, feels a bit scammy. I don't want to confuse myself in the future, so it's removed... as long as HWInfo keeps functioning I'll be happy, though it's a bit more complex.

I would like to see a screen with just temperatures only, prevents me from having to scroll up and down. But for now this will do just fine ! =D