Compaq LTE Elite memory size and machine type incorrect


My Compaq LTE Elite comes with 8MB of onboard memory, and this detects fine. But when I try to install either a 16 or 24MB upgrade module, the total memory will only display up to 16MB (for both modules).

The machine type is also listed as an IBM PC XT/286 when the CPU is a 486. I don't know if this particular problem is the normal machine type for this CPU, since this is the only 486 that I have, but I thought I would mention it.


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Looks like the 16MB reporting limit might be a problem of the BIOS.
Please run "HWINFO -d -r" which will automatically walk thru all screens and save a LOG + DBG file. Please attach those files here so I can check the details.
I'll do this for you and attach a log shortly. I was also reading through the pages of a Compaq tool provided with Windows 3.1 and found that they differentiate between "extended" and "super extended", but this may just be how they refer to any memory above 16MB. I've never seen it referenced like this before.


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Thanks. I will fix the Machine Type in the next build.
Regarding the Super Extended Memory - this seems to be a special type of memory, which is not accessible as normal extended memory. I don't know how to access/detect this.