Conflict with Argus Monitor?


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I use Argus Monitor to control the fans on my B450 Tomahawk, but ever since I've started using it it causes some sensors to report really high/low values.

Any ideas on how I could fix this?


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Indeed, such behavior might indicate there's a collision between both tools when accessing hardware.
HWiNFO (and several others tools) implement techniques to allow concurrent access, but I don't think Argus is one of them. I suggest to contact their support.
Since version 5.0 Argus is one of them. Before that, Martin was right though.

In case there are further problems with Argus Monitor after version 5.0.01, please let us know (not here, but contact us directly).
still a problem why does the app not have option to make use of shared memory support from hwinfo, litterally found software that works and then it breaks hwinfo back to random fan speed up slow down speed up slow down madness brb killing my self cos im litterally ignored like always google is useless, Asus are fucking scumbags that leave out gpu thermal sensors from their sensors unless you have Asus gpu in the middle of a chip shortage where Asus cant even fucking deliver a fucking gpu.