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Hello all,

Thanks for a really great tool.
I searched for this in forum but might not be using the correct words??

I'm new to modifying my layout.
Can you copy and paste entries?

I'd like to keep the default layout but copy a few things I care most about and order them at the top.

I'd especially like to be able to copy the averages of some areas to the top.

When I move the average VID it disappears??

I'd like to have:

Core VIDs
Core Clocks
Core Temperatures
CPU Package
CPU Package Power

at the top with the rest of the layout default as fixed

Seems I lose the averages if I unclick fixed?
I don't understand how to do a custom entry that averages things.
Is there a tutorial link???

Thanks much!

Easy Peasy I love it sooooo much thank thank thank you!!!
Top info setup!!!

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