Corsair HX1500i Not detected


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My Corsair HX1200i has been replaced with a HX1500i by Corsair under warranty

the HX1200i was picked up fine with hwinfo
the HX1500i isnt being picked up

any chance of adding support

i can pass on any info you require and test etc..



[Port4] : Corsair, PID=1D0B -----------------------------------------------

 [Device Information]
  Device Manufacturer:                    Corsair
  Product Name:                           Corsair, PID=1D0B
  Serial Number:                          -
  USB Version Supported:                  2.00
  USB Device Speed:                       USB 1.1 Full-speed
  Driver Description:                     USB Input Device
  Hardware ID:                            USB\VID_1B1C&PID_1C1F
 [Driver Information]
  Driver Manufacturer:                    (Standard system devices)
  Driver Description:                     USB Input Device
  Driver Provider:                        Microsoft
  Driver Version:                         10.0.19041.868
  Driver Date:                            21-Jun-2006
  DeviceInstanceId                        USB\VID_1B1C&PID_1C1F\6&279204E5&0&4
  Location Paths                          PCIROOT(0)#PCI(1400)#USBROOT(0)#USB(12)#USB(4)


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I'm sorry, this is some new device which protocol is currently unknown to us.
Are you sure its not the same protocol as the older HX1200i's and such and that its just not querying the unknown pid?

Just checking..

I really hate having iCUE installed its over 4gb once installed lol

There's nothing i can run to help you query it?

Thanks all seems fine apart from PSU Efficiency

Also +12V is reading 0.19V low but i think thats the hardware monitor in the psu reading wrong
iCUE dropped to 11.9V a alot

The Motherboard and the RTX 3090 Both read over 12V

I just manually set a + 0.19 offset in HWiNFO64 so it doesnt bug me

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Thanks im not sure if iCUE is rounding up but it says 94% when HWiNFO says 93.7
and 84%-85% when idle HWiNFO says 81.4-82.5

Ok scrub that it seems fine
at load it goes upto 94.5 with a prime95 load and overwatch playing

any chance of having them labeled like on icue

Power In
Power Out

Actually i dont think it shows Power In on HWiNFO

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Power In is not a value really measured but calculated using a dedicated formula for each model. So I didn't like to show this value in sensors.
Power In is not a value really measured but calculated using a dedicated formula for each model. So I didn't like to show this value in sensors.
But since you use (?) it to report a calculation of Power Efficiency why cant we have Input Power on sensors?

And can you say please with more words the difference between "PSU Power (sum)" and "PSU Power" that both are for Out Put Power?
Well, you can have it :) In the next build...
"PSU Power (sum)" is the total power reported as sum of all rails (3.3V, 5V, ...). This is the value the Corsair software uses as Power Out and for calculations.
But I found that the device also reports total power as a separate value which is the "PSU Power" value. Since I don't have documentation nor any other information I don't know which of them is more precise/reliable.
Oh i dont know if you noticed or not but it says

How about
Corsair HX1500i
I have just uddated to 4865 its really nice thanks
one thing though OCD getting the better of me

can (est) be removed as its not really needed as you can see that when you hover over it

and maybe PSU Power Sum to match PSU Power Out

PSU Power Sum
PSU Power Out
PSU Power In

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