Corsair PSU disappears



in HWiNFO64 5.47 Beta I was until today able to see my Corsair PSU HX750i sensor data. Now all PSU rows are gone, I just see empty rows and there is no PSU data in the "hidden rows" list. I use Corsair Link which by its own shows all PSU sensor data. 

Using the 5.46 portable version, the issue remains the same. The PSU does not show up anywhere ..  :huh:
Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File, so I can check all details. Also a screenshot of the sensors window would be good.
Thanks Martin, files attached. The old screenshot shows the PSU data as it was, the new screenshot shows the empty lines.

A system change was that I removed the previous 1080 GPU and replaced it with a GT 710. The PSU remained untouched.


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This looks like some sensor user settings were lost, perhaps during the change in hardware.
Please try to check under Sensor settings / Layout if you see the missing items and try to enable them if they are hidden.
If that won't help, you might need to to a "Restore Original Order" or "Reset Preferences" in the main settings to get all back, this will however require you to create your custom item layout again.
Hello Martin,

under "Sensor settings / Layout" there was no PSU data, I checked that before. Now I tried both, "Restore Original Order" and "Reset Preferences", quit HWiNFO64 and restarted the program. The issue is the same (picture Pix.jpg). The issue seems to be on a lower level that HWiNFO skips to see the PSU sensor data for unknown reasons.

Using AIDA64 Extreme the PSU sensors do show up (Pix2.jpg) and also refresh the values.


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I see.. Then please attach again a new Debug File, but make sure to open the sensors window before closing HWiNFO.
The previous time you didn't do that, so it didn't contain any sensor information that I need to check this problem.
Hello Martin, I added the debug file as a rar due to the size limit. Thanks.


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Thank you. I analyzed the data and one possible reason for such failure might be if some other application accessing the PSU is blocking HWiNFO.
Can you please close all such applications (i.e. Corsair Link, AIDA64), then reboot the machine and without launching the other applications try HWiNFO again ?
Please let me know the result.
Hello Martin,

this did work   :) I removed Corsair Link and NZXT Cam from autostart and finally HWiNFO did see the PSU .. Thanks !


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Thanks for the feedback.
I think that during startup the Corsair Link software collided with HWiNFO, which resulted in HWiNFO backing-off and cancelling all further access to the device.
I'll implement a workaround for this in the next HWiNFO build.