CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 1600 - 80c when Idle


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My CPU is at 80c when I boot PC and stays that way when Idle. Power reporting Deviation seems to be high as well. CPU is at 3% Utilization from task manager

It is causing fan to be really noisy. CPU is relatively new


Any advice/guidance? please let me know if you need more info

Idle temperatures above 50°C are a cause for concern. Yours are way too high! You should definitely check if the CPU cooler is mounted properly and if its fan is spinning. Since you probably need to remove the CPU cooler anyway, check if there's enough thermal paste (but not too much) between the CPU's heatspreader and the CPU cooler cold plate and if it's been properly spread by the cooler.

While watching this YouTube video, I remembered that you've been having extreme CPU temperatures even at idle.

In case you have a watercooler, check if the pump works correctly. If not, I suggest to act accordingly (switch to a working cooler if it can't be fixed in an easy way).

Regardless of cooler, check if the plastic cover has been removed from the cooler's cold plate, i.e. nothing but thermal paste should be between the cooler and the CPU.

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